“We all have so many ideas. But, it turns out ideas are worthless. It’s all about the execution

Neel Dhingra

I am real estate investor , market enthusiast, and mortgage banker with a passion for digital marketing.  I have been in the real estate / mortgage industry for over 15 years and currently manage a team based in Nevada. I love helping clients learn about real estate and the unmatched financial opportunity associated with real estate investing.

I also help people in the real estate and mortgage industry learn how to build their own brand online to grow their business.

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I used personal branding and content marketing to quadruple my personal production and income (verified net W-2 Income), and love to share my journey to inspire others in our industry to do the same. Beyond high level advice, I share specific tactical strategies that real estate and mortgage professionals can use to dominate social / digital media in their market. It’s no longer a choice, our industry needs to level up and I am proud to lead by example.

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Recognized as a 2019 Top Video Influencer for Sales Education by BombBomb & Tom Ferry.

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